Apple Search Ads success through automation

Astra delivers fully automated campaign management and reporting, with as much, or as little, manual intervention as you choose.

Most Effective UA Platform award winner from Effective Mobile Marketing Awrds 2023
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Your award-winning alternative to Luna

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Astra, a more intelligent solution for Apple Search Ads...

Astra is not rules-based; it automatically optimises campaigns with the aid of AI; it continually searches for and evaluates new keywords using machine learning.

Astra improves budget performance and delivers scale.

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Astra - Key platform highlights

Test campaigns with Astra Experiments

A ground-breaking solution to A/B testing your custom product pages and ad variations, with collated test reporting for quick analysis.

Scheduled Changes in advance

Ensure timely optimisation by effortlessly planning, automating, and implementing changes to your campaigns and budget strategies in advance.

Supporting Creative Opportunities

Implement multi-placement ad strategies and run custom product pages.

Advanced Keyword Reporting and Optimising

MMP integration enables detailed keyword event, ROAS and share of voice reporting and optimising.

Intelligent Keyword Discovery

Astra's advanced keyword generation with ChatGPT is highly responsive, explorative and on-trend.

Time-Saving Smart Bid Management

Astra's smart bid manager uses machine learning to dynamically optimise your bid prices.

Detailed Budget Pacing

Achieve more for your budget by scheduling day-part spend or up-weight during key times.

Dynamic Data Visualisation

Collaborative dashboard allows effective data comparison of campaigns, formats and regions.

On the previous Apple Search Ads platform we used, we needed to set the rules, watch the results and then improve campaigns manually. But now we've switched to Astra, the platform automatically adjusts and optimises.

As a result we're approximately 30% more time-efficient and we're seeing improved campaign performance.

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