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 App Search Discovery

How do I get my App  found in the App Store?

Drive Discoverability: You can do this through optimizing your keywords, visuals, downloads and ratings.

Optimize Your Market: You need to understand what motivates users to download an app.

App Store Algorithms: Identifies the highest-ranking apps. This is an app that has the most downloads in the shortest amount of time.

Increase App Awareness

How do I increase awareness of my App?

Optimize Your App Details for App Store and Google Play. This is a crucial component of your apps’ marketing strategy.

Make Sure Your App Has On-Going Value. Give your customers reasons to keep returning.

Understand Your Customer Base. Find out why they use it, how they use it and when they use it.

Increase App Revenue

How do I increase revenue to my App?

Update Often. Listen to what your customers are requesting and implement.

Improve App Store Meta Data. Make improvements to your icons, screenshots and descriptions.

Try A/B Testing. Experiment with new layouts and content. Segment and target specific users and see what works best.



 App Store Optimization

We analyse your apps current performance, then decipher the changes that need to be made. The result is your app ranking in the top 10 of relevant searches. This then leads to increased downloads of the ‘right’ user and increase in revenue and user engagement.

There are many aspects that go into a full App Store Optimisation project, but some of those components are: Keyword and Title analysis, Category analysis, Screenshot recommendations and many other key tenants.

Search ads

Apple Search Ads is a feature which allows you to pay for your app to be displayed as an ad, at the top of search results in the App Store. With Search Ads, you can drive new users and installs through targeting the ‘right user’.

Search Ads is about relevancy, therefore you need to combine paid search with organic discovery (our ASO+), and implement an App Store optimisation strategy in order for it to be fully utilised.


Your icon and screenshots are your opportunity to put yourself into the App Store’s ‘shop window’. On average, you only have 3-5 seconds to make an impression on searchers per results page, so making sure that you stand out and get your message across is vital.

We can make sure that your icon and screenshots are not only eye catching, but contain key messages and ensure all best practices. Our expertise covers screenshots for all Apple and Android devices so your visuals look good on every device.



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Redbox Mobile PLC was founded in February 2013 and has become the leading App Store Optimization (ASO) Company. Redbox Mobile, with offices in London and New York, has acquired and successfully serviced accounts for over 50 major brands in its’ three year history.

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